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Panel boards: Zingana is known as the zebra wood in Africa and it is divided into big, small and awoura zingana. The awoura zingana used in our factory is produced in Gabon and Cameroon. Due to its high density and hardness, zebra wood has luster, straight texture, fine and uniform structure. As it is hard and strong, it isn’t easy to process. The planning surface is smooth. It’s easy to be painted, glued or nailed. Known as megaphanerophyte, zingana is about 45m high and its diameter can reach more than 1.0m; its growth ring is relatively obvious. It takes over 100 years to grown up, so it is very precious and is usually called 100-year zingana. There is no doubt that the advantage of African zebrawood is its natural and wonderful texture. Among the natural wood color, the golden, red and black curves could also be seen. The colors are eye-catching and give a sense of smooth flow. Any section can clearly show the beauty of wood grain. In addition, the wood is hard and difficult to process, so every product made of zingana has a strong natural flavor. The maximum diameter of zingana could reach 130cm in special environment. It grows in a hilly area with an average altitude of more than 1000m. The soil surface is rich in mineral resources. The rhizome of the tree deeply penetrates into the mineral layer to absorb nutrients and water, so the wood contains metal textures. The wood structure of zingana is excellent, known as "the ninth kind of mahogany". The structure of zingana is similar to that of wenge wood, a kind of mahogany. Zingana has not been included in the category of mahogany, but its characteristics have reached the standard of mahogany.

Style: Nordic furniture is famous for its simplicity and featured by strong post-modernism characteristics. It focuses on smooth linear design, represents a kind of fashion. It advocates returning to nature and favors the charm of logs. Besides, modern, practical and exquisite art design style is used to reflect a certain orientation and melody of modern urbanites entering the new era. Natural and refreshing taste is symbols of Nordic style. This style is simple and modern, which is in line with the taste of young people. Nordic style refers to the interior design styles of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

Paint: the environmental paint meets the technical requirements of national environmental labeling products. It is a kind of liquid or solid material that can form a solid film with protective, decorative or special properties on the surface of an object. Waterborne wood paint is composed of 40% water, 30% tree ester emulsion, 25% pigment filler and 5% non-harmful additives. After being painted, the furniture feels comfortable and looks superior. As it is environmentally-friendly, fast curing, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant and very hard, it is used as a non-toxic, tasteless, non- flammable, safe and environmentally friendly coating material.

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