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Mattress's Selling Points

Spring: Independent bag springs are used. The springs could bear pressure independently and will not affect each other’s function. The central spring structure is reinforced and could effectively bear the heaviest part and keep the natural shape of human body; the cotton nonwoven fabric could effectively prevent frictions between springs and avoid noises; the parallel rebound force produced by the straight arranged springs can effectively massage the spine and protect the back. The 1.9mm high-strength carbon steel spring respectively put in the pure-cotton nonwoven fabric bags are odor-resistant, mold-resistant and mothproof. With the strong spring strength, the springs could maintain in best conditions. The independently extendable springs with good resilience conform to ergonomics and will not affect each other or produce any noise. By adopting independent bag springs, the air permeability has been enhanced. The mattress is mite-proof and moth-proof. It absorbs moisture and keeps warm and has preventative effect against rheumatism.


Coil spring: as it is made of rigid high manganese carbon steel, the coil spring is antirust, resilient, non-irritant to skin, friendly to the environment and will never fade or deform.

Coir: it means the environmental, excellent and economic (3E) coir. It is formaldehyde free. Coconut fiber and polyester, the raw materials of the mattress contain no formaldehyde or glue. It is mothproof. It doesn’t provide growth nutrients for moths; with good moisture resistance, it does not condense water vapor, and has destroyed the humid environment required for the growth of moths. It will not deform. With good wear resistance and elasticity of the coir and the excellent extensibility of polyester fiber, the mattress has strong compression resistance. It does not sink and has long service life which has been proved by 25000 times of durability test. It is odor free. The coconut fiber and polyester don’t give smell themselves and the mattress is produced by physical processing technology, thus it has no smell. The material has good air permeability and three-dimensional network structure, which helps to effectively and quickly remove water vapor.


Latex: No artificial foam is mixed and the latex is 100% natural. It is harmless to human body and good for sleep. The latex pillow evenly bears the weight of your head and offers support in an all-round way, so you can sleep comfortably and stably. A large number of convection pores could rapidly get rid of the heat and keep the air refreshing. The latex pillow is anti-mite, anti-bacterial and allergy preventative as latex itself has the function of bacteria prevention, dust prevention and can prevent bacteria breeding. It also has some preventive effect on skin allergy, nasal allergy and bronchitis. It’s durable, resilient and easy to keep its shape for a long time. It is dustproof and easy to clean. No toxic substance is included.

Fabric: The knitted jacquard fabric with soft texture has good moisture absorption and ventilation performance, excellent elasticity, extensibility and predictability. It brings unprecedented sensory and visual effects to the knitwear.

Velvet knitted fabric

Velvet: the fabric feels soft and thick. It’s tough and fluffy with soft color.


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